Location:Taishan International Exhibition and Conference Center


1、Apply booth

Fill in application form with seal and send back to the exhibition organization committee by 10th of August.

2、Confirm booth

After receiving the application form, the organization committee will arrange booth.

3、Pay booth fee

After submitting the application form, exhibitors pay the full fee to appointed account within one week to guarantee the booth.

4、 Items on display

Send us the exhibit list which will be shown during the exhibition, especially send us the large equipment list. For the large equipment, please write down size( length, width, height, weight) and power demand if you need.

5、 Other services

If there are other requests like special equipment construction, exhibits hoisting, extra water and electricity utilization, hotel reservation and other services, please contact us as soon as possible.


Please decorate stalls and attend the exhibition in order.

7、Attend the Exhibition

Registration Time: August 25th to 26th

Decoration: August 26th to 30th

Opening: August 31st to September 2nd

Dismantlement: September 3rd to 4th


    China (Mount Tai) International Mining Equipment & Technology Exhibition Organizing Committee
    Address: Room 0701, 777 Taishan Street, Tai'an, Shandong, China.
    Phone: 0538 - 8296993
    Fax: 0538 - 8296993
    Mailbox: hwb8296993@163.com
    Website: www.cimete.com

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