Location:Taishan International Exhibition and Conference Center


Mount Taishan Exhibition Center is composed by four golden tripods, which means flourishing age, peace and prosperity.

The construction is located in the middle of era development line. With 600 parking spaces, it covers an area of 149 mu (24.5 acre) and an construction area of 83 thousand square meters

Main building of the exhibition center is 180 meters long, 160 meters wide, 24 meters tall. There are two ground floors and one basement floor. Special exhibition room and conference center is on the west, comprehensive exhibition room is on the east, and to use front hall to connect south and north in the middle. By using north-south sharing atrium in the middle, the ground floor is more than 9600 thousand square meters comprehensive exhibition room on the east and 4900 thousand square meters two floor high special room on the west; the first floor is 9600 thousand square meters comprehensive exhibition room.

Large conference room is sited on the north west, including a high standard (1200 people) large conference room, an international reporting room with simultaneous translation system, 8 small conference room and a large multi-functional room.

With convenient traffic, fully facilities, beautiful environment, logical layout and complete function, Mount Taishan International Conference Center is suitable to show large mining equipment, and it can provide the most ideal exhibition space for all the exhibitors.


    China (Mount Tai) International Mining Equipment & Technology Exhibition Organizing Committee
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