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Basic on the theme “Mining Equipment is Gathered at Mount Tai, Technology Innovation Leads the Future”, the exhibition has successfully held three times on 2013, 2014 and 2016, respectively and since 2014, it became a biennial activity. The scale, internationalization,  influence and popularity of this exhibition has improved steadily year by year. Last exhibition has successfully held on Taishan International Exhibition Center during August 31st to September 2nd. With 40,000 exhibition areas, Zhongmei Group, Zhongmei Science & Industry Group, Shandong Energy Group, Yankuang Group, Sany Group, Tiandi Science & Technology, Shanghai Chuangli, and also many exhibitors in foreign countries and areas, like Schenck Germany, Betek Germany, Fasing Poland have attended the exhibition, which attracted more than 30,000 professional visitors. Meanwhile, there are a series of supporting forum and conferences, first-class specialists, the most authoritative experts and industry leaders have gathered to communicate and discuss deeply, has turn to a feature of the exhibition. Beyond widely acclaim from exhibitors and professional visitors, the scale and effectiveness of 2016 exhibition has reached to a larger level, which become the most influential region mining equipment professional exhibition in China.

2018 China (Mount Tai) International Mining Equipment & Technology Exhibition will hold during August 31st to September 2nd in Taishan International Exhibition Center, we warmly welcome all the companies both in and out of China to the event!


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