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Taian, is a prefecture-level city in Shandong Province, where Mountain Tai seated. The city located in the middle of Shandong Province, between 116.02 degrees and 117.59 degrees longitude east, 35.38 degrees and 36.28 latitude north, with the width of 93.5 kilometers from south and north. The city nestled in the foot of Mountain Tai.
It is the marjor opening tourism city in east area of China, 66.8 kilometers north from Jinan, 74.6 kilometers south of Qufu-hometown of Confucius. It’s also recognized at the central spot of the hot tourism routine which called “Mountain, Water and Saint”. The city of Taian contains two districts called Taishan and Daiyue, two counties which are Dongping and Ningyang, and two county-level cities named Xintai and Feicheng. The word “Taian” implies the meaning of the country prosperous and people living in peace, is a world renowned cultural and tourism city. The Mountain Taishan, located within the city, with the altitude of 1532.7 meters, enjoys the honor title of “the world’s first mountain” and also be approved as the world’s natural and cultural heritage. Taian was listed as the first batch of tourism cities that opening to the world by the State Council in 1982. The city has semi-humid continental monsoon climate, with the annual average temperature of 13 degrees, and annual average rainfall of 697millimeters.


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