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Tai'an Wanda Jiahua Hotel
2018/5/8 本站 1437
Wanda Realm Taian is the super top hotel in the city of Tai’an. It locates in the middle line of the city’s generation development, which near Taishan International Conference and Exhibition Center, 3.5km to railway station, 8km to Mount Taishan  Scenic Spot. With fashion and elegance, the hotel has 280 guest rooms and suites, all have co...
Taishan Bloosom Hotel
2018/5/8 本站 1165
Taishan Bloosom Hotel is one of the biggest conference hotel in Shandong Province, which located in the foot of Mount Taishan. It is near Taishan International Conference & Exhibition Center, and only 10 minutes to Taian highspeed train and the entrance of Taian Highway by car. With floor area of 81000 square meter, the construction style of the ho...
Taian Yuzuo hotel
2018/5/3 本站 1089
Taian Yuzuo hotel locate in the central area of the Taian City, and integrated with the Taishan Dai Temple.
Taian Lijing Cherry Orchard Villa
2018/5/3 本站 1182
Taian Lijing Cherry Orchard Villa was built in the Taishan Cherry Orchard Scenic Spot which known as the natural oxygen bar.
Ramada Plaza
2018/5/3 本站 1319
Ramada Plaza Taian is a franchised hotel by Luneng Group. Located at the foot of MountTai with splendid scenery, it is the only 5-Starhotel in Tai An City.An hour distance from Jinan International Airport;
Taian Dongyue Villa
2018/5/3 本站 1292
Taian Dongyue Villa located at the east of Huanshan road, nestled at the foot of Mountain Taishan, embraced by trees, with fresh air and convenient transportation.
Taishan Celebrity Hotel
2018/5/3 本站 1109
Taishan Celebrity Hotel located in the center of the city, face the Mountain Taishan to the south, west from Naihe Park, with new exquisite designed architecture, and was praised as “Pearl under Mountain”by former premier of State Council Li Peng, it’s a international hotel with classic lasting appeal.
Taian Datang Kaiyue Hotel is a business hotel
2018/5/3 本站 1075
Taian Datang Kaiyue is a business hotel, services includes accommodation and dinning. Hotel located at the foot of Mountain Taishan, in the center spot of Taian city, conveniently location and beautiful view makes it the ideal living place for visitors’ business and holiday travel.
Taian Oriental Holiday Hotel
2018/5/3 本站 1129
Taian Oriental Holiday Hotel nestled at the foot of Mountain Tai with the feature of magnificence, grace, and luxury. Stunning view and convenient access make it the complex international hotel integrates the function of accommodation, dinning, business, entertainment, recreation and fitness.
Taian Huatai Hotel
2018/5/3 本站 1150
Taian Huatai Hotel located at the foot of Mountain Taishan,west from Taishan Square, South from Jingfu, Jinghu Highway and Jinghu Railway line, only 5 minutes to Tianyuandifang Square to the north, transportation is convenient.


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