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Mountain Taishan
2018-5-3 本站 1219
Mountain Taishan, also called Daishan, Daizong, occupied 426 square kilometers area, with the altitude of 1545meter. It enjoys the honor title of “the first Mountain in the World”. Confucius said standing on top of Mountain Taishan, one gets feeling that the whole world seems become smaller. It is not only Confucius once climbing experience, but al...
Culai Mountain National Park
2018-5-3 本站 1072
Culai Mountain is a World Class Geo Park, National Forest Park, National Scenic Area of level 3A, Natural Reserve in Shandong Province, it’s the Scenic Spot integrated the natural beauty and cultural landscape.
Taishan Hot Spring SPA
2018-5-3 本站 1064
Taishan Hot Spring located on top of the Culai Mountain range, here you can learn the cultural aspects of Mountain Taishan, and Immerse yourself in the soothing waters of our private Healing Springs Pool
Taishan Fungte Wild Adventure World
2018-5-3 本站 1075
Taishan Fungte World consists of 17 entertainment themes which are dinosaur crisis, unlimited flight, mystery valley, Chinese Ghost Story, Mount Vesuvius, Conch Bay, Future X-Cops, and Light of Life. This Dream World is a wonderland, also like a world of adventure described in science fiction.
Sun Tribe Park
2018-5-3 本站 1094
Standing in the scene of ancient legendry story, experiencing the ancient people’s farming life, all those scenes in the Chinese myth story come true associated by the modern technology, the Sun Tribute Theme Park will take you to the adventure trip of all history story.
Happy Aqua World
2018-5-3 本站 1006
Walking into Aqua World, what get into your eye is the fun entertainment facility and artificial hills, what you hear is the waving and water flowing sounds, here you can enjoy all the feature activities in this aqua world.
Blosson Age
2018-5-3 本站 996
Do you still remember the hot movie called blossom age? It is an iron of those days. In Taian, we also has botanic garden center called blossom age. It a theme park combines varies of plants,flowers and modern technologies to shows you amazing affects of wild natural beauty,
Taishan Sacrifice Performance Show
2018-5-3 本站 970
The theatre set up in east of Mountain Taishan, major performance area’s layout as a giant sacrifice stage, under the effect of lighting, cooperating the background of surrounded woods, presenting you a natural and historical conception of God Worship.
Liulaogen Grand Stage
2018-5-3 本站 1059
With people’s high living pressure in modern society, people willing to getrelax and reduce depression by recreation and entertainment activities. The sing and dance duet just meet their requirement. There is a saying that you can missing one meal, but not the “sing and dance duet”.


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